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University Physics with Modern Physics with MasteringPhysics (12th Edition)

University Physics with Modern Physics with MasteringPhysics (12th Edition)

Author: Hugh D. Young

Publisher: Benjamin Cummings


Publish Date: April 2, 2007

ISBN-10: 080532187X

Pages: 1632

File Type: PDF

Language: English

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Book Preface

This book is the product of more than half a century of leadership and innovation in physics education. When the first edition of University Physics by Francis W. Sears and Mark W. Zemansky was published in 1949, it was revolutionary among calculus-based physics textbooks in its emphasis on the fundamental principles of physics and how to apply them. The success of University Physics with generations of (several million) students and educators around the world is a testament to the merits of this approach, and to the many innovations it has introduced subsequently.

In preparing this new Twelfth Edition, we have further enhanced and developed University Physics to assimilate the best ideas from education research with enhanced problem-solving instruction, pioneering visual and conceptual pedagogy, the first systematically enhanced problems, and the most pedagogically proven and widely used online homework and tutorial system in the world.

New to This Edition

• Problem solving. The acclaimed, research-based four-step problem-solving framework (Identify, Set Up, Execute, and Evaluate) is now used throughout everyWorked Example, chapter-specific Problem-Solving Strategy, and every Solution in the Instructor and Student Solutions Manuals. Worked Examples now incorporate black-and-white Pencil Sketches to focus students on this critical step—one that research shows students otherwise tend to skip when illustrated with highly rendered figures.

• Instruction followed by practice. A streamlined and systematic learning path of instruction followed by practice includes Learning Goals at the start of each chapter and Visual Chapter Summaries that consolidate each concept in words, math, and figures. Popular Test Your Understanding conceptual questions at the end of each section now use multiple-choice and ranking formats to allow students to instantly check their knowledge.

• Instructional power of figures. The instructional power of figures is enhanced using the research-proven technique of “annotation” (chalkboardstyle commentary integrated into the figure to guide the student in interpreting the figure) and by streamlined use of color and detail (in mechanics, for example, color is used to focus the student on the object of interest while the rest of the image is in grayscale and without distracting detail).

• Enhanced end-of-chapter problems. Renowned for providing the most wide-ranging and best-tested problems available, the Twelfth Edition goes still further: It provides the first library of physics problems systematically enhanced based on student performance nationally. Using this analysis, more than 800 new problems make up the entire library of 3700.

• MasteringPhysics™ ( Launched with the Eleventh Edition, MasteringPhysics is now the most widely adopted, educationally proven, and technically advanced online homework and tutorial system in the world. For the Twelfth Edition, MasteringPhysics provides a wealth of new content and technological enhancements. In addition to a library of more than 1200 tutorials and all the end-of-chapter problems, MasteringPhysics now also provides specific tutorials for every Problem-Solving Strategy and key Test Your Understanding questions from each chapter. Answer types include algebraic, numerical, and multiple-choice answers, as well as ranking, sorting, graph drawing, vector drawing, and ray tracing

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